Sick of memecoins that are designed solely to enrich their developers and fleece everyone else? Milpool will be a 100% Fair Launch. No pre-allocated developer tokens or pre-sale period for our friends (sorry, friends!). If the developers want tokens they will have to buy them on the open market like everyone else.


No regressive transaction taxes that benefit the whales (i.e. the developers and their friends): no burning, no reflection, no taxes of any kind to line our pockets! Instead of punishing new members of the community through punitive taxes, our philosophy at Milpool is to progress by growing our community through awareness and the exposure that comes with record-breaking prices. See our Whitepaper and FAQ section for more details!

Where is the huge hype? Why isn’t my favourite crypto influencer talking about Milpool?

Almost all hyped token launches exhibit the same price cycle:

  1. A pre-sale window is set up for the developers’ friends to buy the token cheaply

  2. The developers pay influencers or D-list celebrities to shill the token

  3. An extreme spike in the price on launch day occurs due to the hype

  4. An immediate correction occurs as the developers, their friends, and the whales “pump-and-dump”, selling their holdings to take quick profits.

  5. The price gradually trends towards a price of zero over the next weeks or months as the community gradually accept their losses and sell out

  6. Whales move on to the next token launch to repeat the cycle and make more money

This cycle is extremely regressive and all outsiders are set up to fail.

Milpool has a different philosophy. We will start small, without any pre-sale window to raise capital or pre-allocated developer tokens. We and our friends will have to buy the token on the open market like everyone else. Without huge hype on Day 1 we will be able to start at a low price and build the community over time. Our goal is to achieve sustainable and consistent upward price movement and avoid the extreme price volatility and manipulation that would impede the token two weeks after launch.

Why isn’t Milpool a charity token?

The development team at Milpool includes people who donate extensively and regularly to various charities. We would encourage anyone in the Milpool community to donate to licensed charitable organizations and help improve the state of the world!

Other tokens may claim to fund charitable donations by selling pre-allocated tokens on the marketplace or charging a transaction tax. Without any regulation or oversight in this area, it is difficult to verify that the charitable donations will actually occur.

Our focus is to reach the price milestones for Milpool. If anyone along for the ride makes money from the pool and would like to support charities, we would encourage them to dedicate a portion of their profits to good causes. That would achieve the same outcome as any legitimate charity token.

Why doesn’t Milpool have burning/reflection/LP acquisition

The Milpool Whitepaper discusses this issue at length, please see here. We believe that these transaction taxes, which have become quite fashionable in the token space, are designed to primarily benefit the whales (i.e. the developers and their friends who buy large quantities before launch) at the expense of new members to the community. These mechanisms increase market capitalization and prices without growing the community, which only leads to stagnation and inevitable decline as more and more whales cash out.

Our approach is radical but also intuitive: By eschewing all transaction taxes, we aim to achieve our price goals by increasing awareness of the token and encouraging new people to join the community. Our relatively miniscule total supply of 100 tokens, leading to attention-grabbing prices, will give us the means to achieve this.

How do I know this isn’t a scam?

We encourage everyone curious about Milpool to look at the basic economics of the token launch. We have not pre-allocated a portion of Milpool tokens to the team, nor have we set up a pre-sale period to raise capital for the initial liquidity pool. We are supplying 90% of tokens to the PancakeSwap market with a very low initial price.

The only way for the Milpool team to significantly profit from the token is to buy some on the open exchange and for the token to become extremely popular. Our interests are thus aligned with anyone who purchases the Milpool token, and there is no malicious agent capable of flooding the market with hidden tokens at any moment.

Why only 100 tokens?

In the extremely crowded cryptocurrency token market, it is difficult to create something original. No other token has put such a low ceiling on its total supply before, and puts us at a significant advantage over the countless other deflationary tokens and memecoins in generating awareness and attention.

By restricting the token supply to 100, very high prices can be reached per token with only modest market capitalizations. Parity with Bitcoin can be achieved with a market cap of 4 to 5 million USD. Our goal of a $1 Million USD price per MILPOOL can be achieved with a market cap of 100 million USD, which many other tokens on the Binance Smart Chain have already achieved.

Achieving such a high price will help us significantly, as we’ll be able to obtain the title of most expensive cryptocurrency and capitalize on media and community attention. Jumping into the pool early provides a unique opportunity to hold a meaningful slice. With only 100 MILPOOL, each individual token is both scarce and valuable.


  • Launch!
  • Icons and links on BscScan and Trust Wallet
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • CoinGecko listing
  • PooCoin listing
  • Smart Contract Audit 
  • PancakeSwap Yield Farm 
  • Improved website functionality (charts, token stats, blog)

Q3 & Q4

  • Listing on various exchanges
  • Engagement with crypto media as we reach price milestones
  • Engagement with mainstream media as we reach astronomic price milestones

The information provided shall not in any way constitute a recommendation as to whether you should invest in any product discussed. Milpool accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published